Monitor and Protect Your Waterway

AlgaeTracker is a revolutionary Early Warning System for Harmful Algae Blooms (HABs) and water pollutants


Algae Blooms cause $14 B per year in damages.

Current sensors cannot predict outbreaks.

Harmful Algae Blooms have poisoned city water supplies, devastated fishing, caused real estate values to plummet, and ruined our recreational areas. Controlling blooms depends on early warning and monitoring systems. 


But, current sensors cannot scale to provide meaningful data about a water area. They are expensive and difficult to deploy. Notably:

  • Standard sensors require several technical personnel a week to deploy

  • Weighing several hundred pounds, boats and specialized training are required

  • Extremely high costs make multiple buoys prohibitive 



Meet AlgaeTracker:

A fast, simple way to monitor and protect your waterways


Cost of



Animal deaths linked to HABs since 2010

Human deaths from a single water contamination event

Low-cost, large-scale data collection to protect waterways

75 x Lower Entry Cost

The Tracker is priced to be deployable regardless of budget. Using new hardware and software advancements, we’re able to provide the Tracker at a low entry cost. Then you pay as you need the service, with an affordable monthly subscription.

Install in 1 Hour

By combining all the required hardware and software into a single lightweight streamlined unit, the AlgaeTracker can be deployed in an hour by just about anyone. It weighs only 10 pounds. Just place it in your waterway, clip it to a dock or anchor, and it starts sending data to your web dashboard using solar power.

Large-Scale Data & Actionable Insights

The Trackers collect data every 15 minutes 24 hours a day, notifying you when important events occur. The data is processed in our evolving analytics engine, honing in on more accurate data and prediction over time.

Simple dashboard. Powerful analytics.

Key Measurements:

  • Green algae

  • Blue-green algae (cyanobacteria)

  • Turbidity

  • Temperature and more

Our dashboard tracks GPS coordinates so you always know where your device is.

Plus, the dashboard shows a real-time map of all your trackers to get a 24/7 lens into all your water assets in one central location.

How It Works:


Drop the lightweight sensor buoy into the water. It immediately starts sending 7 key readings to the cloud every 15 minutes.


Our dashboard streams all the data live, displays rich graphs, and sends you customized notifications.


Bioanalysis and analytics in the cloud process the data, honing in on predictive models over time.


An IoT solution for any waterway 

Image by Safan

Water Utilities

There’s no more essential resource than clean drinking water. Toxins and taste and odor compounds from algae can be extremely expensive to deal with. AlgaeTrackers deployed around reservoir inlets  help insure only clean water is used and reduce the need for manual sampling.

Image by Aaron Burden

Recreation Areas

Algal blooms can appear surprisingly fast, and recreational areas can become dangerously polluted in hours, compromising citizen safety. AlgaeTrackers allow you to stay ahead of fast moving HABs, so that affected recreational areas can be blocked off before accidents happen.

Image by Torsten Kellermann

Power Plants

Industrial plants, such as nuclear power plants, rely on a clean water source for cooling. Drawing in contaminated water can have catastrophic consequences, causing temporary closures. By deploying a defense perimeter of Trackers around your plant, costly mistakes can be avoided.


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