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A fast, simple way to monitor and protect your waterways

Key Measurements:

  • Green algae via chlorophyll-a

  • Blue-green algae / cyanobacteria via phycocyanin

  • Turbidity

  • Temperature 

  • Sunlight, wind, rain

Our dashboard tracks GPS coordinates so you always know where your device is.

Plus, the dashboard shows a real-time map of all your trackers to get a 24/7 lens into all your water assets in one central location.

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Featured Case Study

Algae blooms are an increasing threat to waterways and cause both toxicity and taste and odor issues for utilities.  Find out how one water utility company utilized AlgaeTracker to help keep their drinking water safe.

An amazingly powerful sensor buoy in a surprisingly small package



Drop the lightweight sensor buoy into the water. It immediately starts sending 6 key readings to the cloud every 15 minutes. Cellular is all taken care of.


Our dashboard streams all the data live, displays rich graphs and color coded gauges, and sends you customized notifications at Action Thresholds.


Early detection enables early action. When levels rise too high for your water, send a team member or water professional to assess for treatment.

"The AlgaeTracker buoy has provided some great insight into pond management right from our desktop in an easy-to-use interface.  We've been able to monitor pond conditions, place pre-emptive phone calls to clients, and treat before algae becomes a major issue.  Turbidity measurements also allow us to predict and monitor effects of runoff and make more timely management decisions.  This is a great product that should have far reaching implementation possibilities for private pond owners, public beaches, and municipalities.  We can't wait to get more units in the water."
Jeff Stelzer, Sr. Biologist
Lake and Pond Solutions Co.
“The AlgaeTracker gives us 24/7 visibility into our water sites where we typically get a 10-15 day gap between surveys. This means we can get there ready to perform treatments when the cell counts are lower, use less chemical, and avoid the bad blooms. That keeps the park patrons happy and the regulatory agencies from having to show up with a ‘Closed’ sign. Looking forward to ramping up deployments!” 
Terry Mcnabb, President,

Low-cost, large-scale data collection to protect waterways


30 x Lower Entry Cost

The Tracker is priced to be deployable regardless of budget. Using new hardware and software advancements, we’re able to provide the Tracker at a surprisingly low cost. You can choose a subscription model and pay as you go, or choose to pay upfront. Volume discounts apply. Contact us for a quote.


Install in 30 Minutes

By combining all required hardware, software, and cellular connection into a lightweight streamlined unit, AlgaeTrackers can be deployed in an hour by just about anyone. At 8 pounds, simply place it in your waterway, clip it to a dock or anchor, and it starts sending data to your web dashboard using solar power. 


Large-Scale Data & Actionable Insights

The Trackers monitor the data and notify you when important events occur. Once Action Thresholds are reached, deploy your personnel for follow up or treatment only when needed, saving you needless trips to sample manually. We can even connect you with certified water professionals for treatment.


Privacy and Security

You always own the AlgaeTracker buoy. AlgaeTracker data is encrypted during transmission, stored in secure servers, and is never shared with anyone unless you opt to share it. You can download the data easily to a csv file any time. If you have specific private data transfer and storage requirements such as file transfer, API, or using your own database, we can customize a solution for you. Please get in touch.

“The AlgaeTracker has given us a great feeling of assurance that our pond is safe for pets. Before we didn’t really have a way to proactively monitor the lake. The AlgaeTracker was easy to install and is really unnoticeable in the pond. I love being able to just check on things from my phone.” 
Private Pond Owner


An IoT solution for any waterway 


Water Utilities

Taste and odor compounds from algae can be extremely expensive to deal with. Trackers deployed around your reservoirs monitor multiple sites affordably, enabling you to intervene sooner, reducing OPEX and sampling.


Recreation Areas

Recreational areas can become polluted quickly, risking human and pet health. AlgaeTrackers dramatically reduce your time to intervention, allowing you to prevent large outbreaks or ensure timely closure if necessary.


HOAs and lake associations

As a lake association, it's impossible for you to monitor the whole lake on your own. By setting up AlgaeTrackers at key locations, you can engage the help of aquatic control specialists promptly so algae doesn't take over. 

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